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Independent Driver Terms and Conditions

Successfully submitting an application as a driver which is accepted, initiates an Independent Contractor Agreement made effectively from the date of submitting the Driver Application Form Between Just In Time Transportation Services and the applicant. Just In Time Transportation Services requests that the contractor perform services which require driving.

Both Parties agree to the following terms:

Term and Termination

This agreement will remain in effect until Just In Time Transportation Services or Contractor decide to terminate agreement. Either party has the right to terminate the agreement at any time without written notice if the one of the parties breach the agreement. A written notice must be received by the other party within 5 days either via email or in person. After notice has been received the parties can cease the contractor agreement without any liabilities.

Contractor Services

As Independent Contractors, drivers must please understand that Just In Time Transportation Services does not withhold any benefits such as State, Federal, Local School Taxes. Hence as independent contractor, the driver must pay his or her own 1099.

Driver Expectations
Driver will receive trips from dispatch department based on trip availability and driver availability times. Each trip will have the associated trip rate included in the information.

All drivers are obligated to run every trip assigned to them by Dispatch, based on their indicated availability hours. Failure to pick-up a client without letting dispatcher know, or lateness without having a good reason will attract penalties including but not limited to non-payment for work hours for that trip and suspension in critical cases.

All drivers are expected to notify the client 4 hours prior to picking up the client to their appointment. It is important to confirm with the client that they are not cancelling their appointment.

The driver must notify Dispatch if any issues or concerns arise causing the driver to be late. The driver must indicate any reasons for lateness while filling in the driver manifest. 

All drivers will be required to be available to take short trips if they are on a standby within their indicated availability hours and refusal to take trips unless you have a good reason will result in penalties.

If a client cancels when driver arrives at their destination, please notify the dispatcher ASAP.

It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure all needed documentation and trainings are up to date.

Smoking is prohibited during trips. Gossiping, sharing company business, or overindulgence with members are prohibited. .