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Vehicle Parking at Home

Vehicle Home Parking

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1. I agree to use Just In Time Vehicle for official work only and not for personal use of any kind.

2. I agree to purchase Gas from the required Gas Station in Columbus whenever I am low on fuel; and I will ensure that I never run out completely before going to re-fill.

3. I agree to park the vehicle at a safe place at my home and ensure that it is protected from any harm. I agree to be held liable for any destruction that comes to it whiles it is parked at my home.

4. I agree to not let any other person drive the vehicle while it is in my possession.

5. I agree to handle the vehicle well by driving safely, observing oil levels and also ensure that it is always clean both in and out.

6. I agree to park the vehicle every Friday and Just In Time allocated parking lot and pick it up on Monday mornings except otherwise instructed by Just In Time Management via email.